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Gasket Oven Cavity Continuous 1560mm Long

Gasket Oven Cavity Continuous 1560mm Long

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Gasket Oven Cavity Continuous 1560mm Long (0188002218)


Part number
Appliance category
Freestanding cookers, Ovens
Part type
Gaskets & Seals
Pack size
EAN code
Dimensions (Part)
Dimensions (Carton)
Weight (Part)
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Compatible Models
GUG411W*00, GUG411W*01, GUG412HS*00, GUG412HS*01, GUG412HW*00, GUG412HW*01, GUG414W*00, GUG414W*01, GUH411W*00, ... GUH412W*00, GUH415W*00, GUH418W*00, GUJ411W*00, GUJ411W*01, GUJ411W*02, GUJ411W*03, GUJ411W*05, GUJ411W*06, GUJ411W*07, GUJ411W*09, GUJ411W*10, GUJ411W*12, GUJ411W*19, GUJ411WT*00, GUJ412W*00, GUJ412W*01, GUJ412W*02, GUJ412W*03, GUJ412W*05, GUJ412W*06, GUJ412W*07, GUJ412W*09, GUJ412W*10, GUJ412W*12, GUJ412W*19, GUJ416W*00, GUJ416W*01, GUJ416W*02, GUJ416W*03, GUJ416W*05, GUJ416W*06, GUJ416W*07, GUJ416W*09, GUJ416W*10, GUJ416W*11, GUJ416W*12, GUJ416W*19, GUJ418W*00, GUJ418W*01, GUJ418W*02, GUJ418W*03, GUJ418W*05, GUJ418W*06, GUJ418W*07, GUJ418W*09, GUJ418W*10, GUJ418W*11, GUJ418W*12, GUJ418W*19, GUJ510W*00, GUJ510W*02, GUJ510W*05, GUJ510W*06, GUJ510W*07, GUJ510W*08, GUJ510W*09, GUJ510W*10, GUJ511W*00, GUJ511W*02, GUJ511W*05, GUJ511W*06, GUJ511W*07, GUJ511W*08, GUJ511W*09, GUJ511W*10, GUJ511W*12, GUJ511W*19, GUJ512HW*19, GUJ512HWN*12, GUJ512HWN*19, GUJ512W*00, GUJ512W*02, GUJ512W*05, GUJ512W*06, GUJ512W*07, GUJ512W*08, GUJ512W*09, GUJ512W*10, GUJ512W*12, GUJ512W*19, GUJ517W*00, GUJ517W*02, GUJ517W*05, GUJ517W*06, GUJ517W*07, GUJ517W*08, GUJ517W*09, GUJ517W*10, GUJ517W*11, GUJ517W*12, GUJ517W*19, GUJ527W*00, GUJ527W*02, GUJ527W*05, GUJ527W*06, GUJ527W*07, GUJ527W*08, GUJ527W*09, GUJ527W*10, GUJ527W*11, GUJ527W*12, GUJ527W*19, GUJ537W*00, GUJ537W*02, GUJ537W*05, GUJ537W*06, GUJ537W*07, GUJ537W*08, GUJ537W*09, GUJ537W*10, GUJ537W*11, GUJ537W*12, GUJ537W*19, GWF540B*00, GWF540B*01, GWF540W*00, GWF540W*01, GWF640K*00, GWF640K*01, GWF640W*00, GWF640W*01, GWF645K*00, GWF645K*01, GWF645W*00, GWF645W*01, GWF745K*00, GWF745K*01, GWF745W*00, GWF745W*01, PAJ140W*00, PAJ140W*13, PAJ140W*18, PAJ140W*19, PAJ140W*27, PAJ143W*00, PAJ143W*13, PAJ143W*18, PAJ143W*19, PAJ143W*27, PAJ144W*00, PAJ144W*13, PAJ144W*19, PAJ144W*27, PAJ161B*00, PAJ161B*13, PAJ161B*18, PAJ161B*19, PAJ161B*27, PAJ501R*00, PAJ501R*13, PAJ501R*18, PAJ501R*19, PAJ501R*27, PAJ501RS*00, PAJ501RS*13, PAJ501RS*19, PAJ501RS*27, PAJ509R*00, PAJ509R*13, PAJ509R*18, PAJ509R*19, PAJ509R*27, PAJ509RC*00, PAJ509RC*13, PAJ509RC*15, PAJ509RC*16, PAJ509RC*17, PAJ509RC*19, PAJ509RC*27, PAJ518W*00, PAJ518W*13, PAJ518W*18, PAJ518W*19, PAJ518W*27, PAJ520W*00, PAJ520W*13, PAJ520W*19, PAJ520W*27, PAJ521W*00, PAJ521W*13, PAJ521W*15, PAJ521W*16, PAJ521W*17, PAJ521W*19, PAJ521W*27, PAJ529B*00, PAJ529B*13, PAJ529B*18, PAJ529B*19, PAJ529B*27, PAJ558W*00, PAJ558W*13, PAJ558W*15, PAJ558W*16, PAJ558W*17, PAJ558W*19, POF662S*00, POF677S*00, POF677S*04, POF677W*00, POF677W*03, POF677W*04, POF688B*00, POF688B*01, POF688B*03, POF688B*04, POF688S*00, POF688S*04, POF688W*00, POF688W*01, POF688W*03, POF688W*04, POF689K*00, POF689K*01, POF689K*03, POF689K*04, POF689W*00, POF689W*01, POF689W*03, POF689W*04, POF696K*00, POF696K*01, POF696K*03, POF696W*00, POF696W*01, POF696W*03, POF696W*04, POF698B*00, POF698B*03, POF698K*00, POF698K*03, POF698K*04, POF698M*00, POF698S*04, POF698W*00, POF698W*03, POF698W*04
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How do I find my product number (PNC) or model number?


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